What do I want in a Club Webpage?

Must Have’s

Membership and Interested Individuals

Maintain a listing of members, both past and present, with the ability to define attributes.

  • Active paid members
  • Active non-paid members
  • Non-active previous members

Allow a list of interested individuals that want to follow our club

  • Interested in the goings-on of the club
  • Interested in the hobby

Allow for self-maintenance of records

  • Update pertinent information; callsign, address, e-mail, etc…
  • Remove from e-mail distribution
  • Delete record – GPDR requirement for Europeans

Club-Officer’s Tools

Allow for simplified club communication using the updated membership list. This would replace the mass emails sent out by the treasurer and president.

  • Club business sent to active-paid members
  • Public events sent to all followers, member or not, of the website

Front-page display of Activities

Have interesting items bubble-up to the front page. The recent activities, such as Winter Field Day and new Breakfast spot should be front-and-center.


The contact information must be 99% certain. If someone reaches out, there should be very little delay in a response.

Presentations, Blogs and Wiki

Build-up the knowledge from the group. Blogs for current knowledge and then move that knowledge into Wiki pages for long-term retention of the knowledge. Club presentations would also be the same.

Wants, but not needs

Social media

Integrate social media tools. When an update occurs on the web site, a semi-auto wizard should be available to spit out social media posts. That should include proper images to go along with the posting.

Document and Data Archive

Manage the documents and data from the club. This would include all minutes and reports. It may also include all certificates and awards.

Photo and Video gallery

Manage all the photos and videos associated with the club.

On-line Payment

Pay the club online including membership fees or purchases from the club.

Related content websites

Find and-or-link to similar types of websites.

  • ARRL
  • LARK
  • POTA
  • etc….

Would be cool, if…

Audio and Video conferencing

For meetings and club activities, would be great to have ability for remote participation.

Radio gateway

Provide an online gateway into repeater. Listen to the activity on the repeater.


Provide on-line guided tutorials on topics

Other club page content

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