John T. Haworth
Image of sunset with purple, red and orange skyLooking up at ceiling mobile in condoHot air ballon floating over house

Basis for Page

  1. Practice making HTML/CSS pages
  2. Share information about my hobbies
  3. Become more efficient at social business


Amateur Radio

Callsign is NU8M

Organization Description Call
ARRL Amateur Radio Relay League W1AW
SLAARC South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club N8SL
MSUARC Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club W8SH

Web Design Notes

The font-family command allow for selection of various fonts to suit the design of the page. If a specific font is selected, a back-up should always be defined. Some of my favorite fonts are:

  • Comic Sans
  • Times New Roman
  • Verdana
  • Unifrankturcook